Does your voice reflect your “true self”?

In many women there is concern that their voice does not reflect the vocal tone they consider appropriate with respect to their outward appearance, that is, that their voice does not sound stereotypically feminine.

To achieve this increase in vocal tone, it is necessary the intervention of a multidisciplinary team in which the ENT surgeon and the specialized speech therapist collaborate closely, as our method endorses.

Our goal is, with our surgical technique and postoperative vocal therapy, to increase the tone of the VOICE. In this way a feminine and natural voice will be achieved in accordance with the external aspect.

What We Do

We know that each person is unique and that is why our treatments adapt to your needs and expectations.

We have a professional team that has more than 10 years of experience; We can say that our current method offers very satisfactory objective results, a fact that is also endorsed by the official journal of the American Academy of Otolaryngology among other scientific journals.

Our Results

You can see the results of voices before and after / testimonials about their experiences.

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