El Dr. Juan Carlos Casado ha presentado su nuevo libro titulado FEMINIZACIÓN DE LA VOZ: ABORDAJE MULTIDISCIPLINAR DE LA MUJER TRANSGÉNERO, del que es coautor junto al Dr. Enrique Maraví Aznar.
This book arises from the scarcity of updated manuals that deal with the process of feminization of the voice of transgender women in an accessible and didactic way.
In many of them there is concern that their voice does not reflect the vocal tone they consider appropriate with respect to their external appearance, that is, that their voice does not sound stereotypically feminine.
To achieve this increase in vocal tone, the intervention of a multidisciplinary team in which the otorhinolaryngologist surgeon and the specialized speech therapist collaborate closely, as supported by our method.
This book is structured into a series of chapters that help, in our opinion, to better understand not only the process of feminization of the voice, but also other areas that are part of the transition of a transgender woman, such as hormonal treatment, facial feminization surgery, sex reassignment surgery….
We would like this book to serve as a practical guide, aimed at both health professionals and transgender women themselves and their associations, to understand in a comprehensive way the journey undertaken in their transition.
You can get the book at the following link in the itunes store https://itun.es/es/9fIEfb.l