Dr. Juan Carlos Casado Morente has attended, as a speaker, the WORLD PHONOSURGERY CONGRESS organized by the International Association of Phosurgery and the Argentine Society of Voice.

 This event has taken place in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, on September 5 and 6, 2019.

 The most relevant professionals in the field of VOICE PATHOLOGY SURGERY from the five continents have participated in this Congress. During it, the latest news and surgical techniques applied to dysphonia and voice disorders have been presented.

 Dr. Casado has participated in the round table or panel of experts entitled: LARYNGEAL FRAMEWORK SURGERY (SURGERY OF THE LARYNG FRAME). His presentation has been on SURGERY OF VOICE MASCULINIZATION SURGERY using the TYROPLASTY TYPE III surgical technique.

Dr. Juan Carlos Casado appears together with Dr Guillermo Campos (phono surgeon of recognized prestige in Bogotá – Colombia).

Dr. Juan Carlos Casado and Dra. Isabel García, head of the Voice unit of the La Paz hospital in Madrid and president of the Laryngology and Voice Commission of the Spanish Otolaryngology Society (in the that Dr. Casado is vocal).

Dr Juan Carlos Casado appears together with Dr Antonio Ballesta (Barranquilla-Colombia), who is joined by a great friendship as a result of his stay in Marbella-Spain (place of residence of Dr. Casado) in which received training on the technique of Voice Feminization.