Dr. Casado at the Central University Hospital of Helsinki (Finland)


Dr. Juan Carlos Casado has made a stay in the first days of September at the Central University Hospital of Helsinki (Finland).


This hospital is a reference center for laryngeal pathologies, as well as voice feminization of transgender women in the Scandinavian countries.

In this stay, directed and coordinated by the professor Dr. Teemu Kinnari (otolaryngologist) and the professor Dr. Ahmed Geneid (otolaryngologist and phoniatrician), Dr. Juan Carlos Casado has known first hand the surgical novelties in voice feminization, as well as techniques of laryngeal infiltration of different substances and performing biopsies on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Regarding the update in the surgical treatment of the voice feminization, we have worked mainly on two lines: the first in the change of the suture, the use of a non-resorbable nylon suture is currently being tested. It has the advantage that the closing of the vocal cords remains unchanged with the passage of time, therefore, it could be a good novelty. Technically it is more difficult to work with this type of suture.

The second line of work, with respect to the surgical treatment of the voice feminization, consisted of performing a synechia or a much deeper anterior scar, that is, producing not only a de-epithelialization of the vocal cords, but also a de-epithelialization of the anterior part of the subglottis. The goal is to get a more oval glottis, a funnel glottis, that would simulate the anatomically female larynx.

In such a way that, with these two modifications, the change of suture and the deepening in the scar that is generated, it seems that more satisfactory results will be obtained. And that is what Dr. Juan Carlos Casado and the Helsinki group are working on.