About Dr Casado

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and doctor specializing in otolaryngology.

He obtained the Doctorate in the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialties of the Faculty of Medicine of Córdoba.
Since 2002, he has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of voice pathologies. In 2006 he received training at the Helsinki Central Hospital in voice feminization techniques. Throughout these years he has been modifying and perfecting his method with optimal results, as his patients endorse.

He is the author and co-author of important medical publications in the field of voice surgery and is Director of the ORL Marbella Clinic as well as Head of the Otolaryngology Service of the Quirón Marbella Hospital and Quirón Campo de Gibraltar Hospital.

In recent times he has done a teaching job participating as a collaborating professor at the University of Málaga and professor of the Official University Master’s Degree in VOICE AND LANGUAGE DISORDERS, of the Catholic University San Antonio in Murcia.