Interview granted by Dr. Juan Carlos Casado to the newspaper Diario de Córdoba

In this interview he tells us about what motivated him to train in the surgical technique of voice feminization, where he learned to perform Wendler’s Glotoplasty and what is the percentage of success obtained over these years.
After more than 15 years dedicated to addressing voice pathologies, voice feminization in transgender women was a great medical challenge, since until very recently there was very little information about it in Spain; this is why he had to travel to Finland to train in the surgical technique called Wendler’s Glotoplasty, which has been modified over the years.
Regarding the results that are being obtained, Dr. Juan Carlos Casado has published a study that shows that 95% of the operated women are satisfied with the Wendler’s glotoplasty. These can be perfectly appreciated in voice recordings before and after surgery
Do not forget that the success of his voice feminization method is to combine surgical technique (Wendler’s Glotoplasty) + postoperative speech therapy with a speech therapist specialized in voice feminization.