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The treatment starts with an appointment in the clinic, here, the anatomy of the larynx will be recorded and a complete study of the voice will be performed. This study includes:

  • A perceptual exploration.
  • An aerodynamic exploration.
  • A stroboscopic exploration of the larynx.
  • An acoustic-Spectrographic examination.

Also, the voice will be recorded while speaking (reading of a phonetically balanced text).


Every surgical technique to increase the pitch are based around three fundamental principles:

1. Increase the tension of the vocal cords.
2. Alter the consistency of the vocal cords.
3. Reducing the mass of the vocal cords.

The current surgical techniques to feminize the voice are the following:

  • Shortening Vocal Cord through an endoscopy (Wendler glottoplasty).
  • LAVA (Laser Assisted Voice Adjustment) Orloff ‘s Technique).

Stage 3

Once you have completed the surgery on your vocal cords, and after the mandatory 15 days of vocal rest, it is necessary to do voice therapy with a licensed speech-language pathologist to strengthen and balance what has been achieved with surgery.

 The sessions on voice feminization mainly focuses on the exercise of the following elements: relaxation, breathing, posture, resonance (e.g., shifting the vocal energy to create a brighter sound), and semi-occluded vocal tract exercises (e.g., voicing through a straw, humming). The voice therapist will also create a vocal health plan to ensure you are using and maintaining healthy vocal behaviors.

 Voice therapy sessions also incorporates singing exercises and the joint application of various voice techniques, its main objective is to consolidate all previously mentioned elements to obtain a feminine and harmonious voice.

 Along with voice therapy sessions, you should perform a daily series of exercises at home and apply them in your daily live. These will serve as “training” and will help you maintain your feminine authentic sounding voice.

Stage 4


After a mandatory absolute vocal rest of 15 days, without making any effort, the girl will come for a review approximately:

 After a month: only laryngoscopy will be performed

At 3 months: laryngostroboscopy, acoustic analysis and voice recording will be performed.

At 9 months: acoustic analysis and spoken voice recording will be performed.

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