Our Team

We are at the forefront of the latest surgical techniques in voice feminization surgery, which combined with postoperative speech therapy, we obtain excellent results. Our team has a great track record of positive results and high satisfaction of our patients for more than 10 years.

About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team formed by an ENT surgeon and speech therapist that we have been working together for many years. We are experts in the treatment of voice and its pathologies and the last decade we have deepened a lot in the field of vocal tone change, both to feminize and masculinize the voice.

Our Members

Doctor Juan Carlos Casado

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery and doctor specializing in otolaryngology. He obtained the Doctorate in the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialties of the Faculty of Medicine of Córdoba.

Doña María Soledad Angulo

Graduated in 2014 as a Speech Therapist at the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapist, in Malaga.

Medical Team

The importance of having a good medical team is essential for the optimal work of the surgeon. Dr. Juan Carlos Casado has a fantastic team of highly qualified professionals with great human quality.